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Lynne Rutzky
Houston, Texas

Lynne Rutzky's Gallery


ARTIST STATEMENT:  I am a visual artist and research scientist whose work focuses on the intersection of my professional life as depicted by biomedical images; my personal life as symbolized by the animals sharing my home and their toys; and my subconscious as revealed through repetitive mark making processes. In my work, images from these sources are combined. Some images are developed by establishing game rules to connect the dots and to create spatial, linear patterns or figurative images. In some work I explore everyday life issues of chaos and control by superimposing decorative grids over randomly generated fields of doodle-dots. In the  series After 9/11: Pen and Ink Drawings (middle image), a repetitive meditative dot making process was used to create whimsical to grotesque imagery. In the recent Bio/Geo acrylic painting series (left image), hard edge linear geometric and biomorphic abstraction are juxtaposed with  curvilinear elements. The right hand painting Chat Room is made by rapidly delivering small droplets of acrylic paint and is reminiscent of the dot drawings.


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